UC Recruit Fields of Study is a list of possible Fields of Study chosen at the time a recruitment plan is created. While at least one Field is required at the time of recruitment plan creation, we encourage the inclusion of other Fields to account for additional availability figures from various disciplines.

Placement Goals: includes the job groups, whether or not a goal was set and, if a goal was set, what the goal was for each of the minority and female categories. The Placement Goal tables should be used to address the Diversity, Affirmative Action Goal section of the Recruitment Plan for Academic Vacancies.

UC Recruit: Job board and online application system for open academic positions at UCSB. The Academic Recruitment packet is no longer being used. Please create all search plans and submit them for approval via the online UC Recruit system.

UC Recruit Resources: Information about UC Recruit functions and processes.

UC Recruit‐related inquiries: help@aait.ucsb.edu or (805) 893-2495

Applicant Demographic Data Survey Instructions assist applicants who need to complete the Applicant Demographic Data Survey. The instructions include a privacy statement and definitions of survey terms.

Potential Advertising Sources for Diversity Outreach is a list of possible recruiting locations that can be used in order to increase the diversity of applicant pools.

For more questions regarding local academic equal employment opportunity policies and procedures please contact Equal Opportunity & Discrimination Prevention Office at (805) 893-3294 .

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing Fact Sheet has developed this guide to provide employers with guidance relating to inquiries that can be made to applicants and employees.